Will Google’s ‘Mobilegeddon’ Hurt Your Business?

Google’s latest ‘update’ has been released – and it penalises websites that don’t work well on cell phones and tablets. For sites that fall under this penalty – they will lose their position in search results on mobile devices.

With mobile traffic now being greater than desktop – and the fact that many local businesses rely on search engine traffic, this means that someone who is on their tablet or cell phone will no longer see your site, because you won’t appear in Google.

This change came in to effect on the April 21st – and chances are, you’ve been losing traffic to competitors ever since.

So do you need to check if you have been affected?

1. Take Google’s Mobile Friendly Test

Its a quick and easy test to see how Google rates the ‘mobile-friendliness’ of your website – Google Mobile Friendly Testing Tool. Check your score, if you pass, great no worries for you. But if your sites fails be sure to make the suggested changes as soon as possible to avoid a drop in your rankings.

2. Test the Speed of your Website

The speed at which the pages on your website load is also very important. Mobile device users need content that loads fast and Google also penalizes sites that load slowly. Page speed is critical for SEO optimization – Google Page Speed Tool.

Any issues that do come up can, thankfully, be resolved fairly quickly – and you can protect or restore to your previous rankings.

If you need help with ensuring your site is ‘Mobile Friendly’, let us know. We will be glad to help.

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